Posted by: didyouseethis | November 21, 2018


Today would have been the DH’s 71st birthday. Instead, the daughter and I made the drive to Ohio Western Reserve National Cemetery (OWRNC) to visit, say happy birthday, share a beer and some birthday cake (carrot cake with cream cheese icing). We stood at attention as a three volley salute was given across the road for another veteran being laid to rest.

As this day closes, I am so very grateful for my children who share their very different interests with me. And share our combined histories with love and respect for all that has come before.

Tomorrow we will share our new found tradition of going to the Zoo on Thanksgiving. We are hoping to meet there with some old friends. Then home for dinner and stories and appreciation for all that we have.

Happy Thanksgiving to whoever may come across this writing. A Blessed Thanksgiving to those who have come through the tribulation of their lives in the fires of California. If anyone wishes to read more about what so many have gone through go to American Digest . And if you feel so moved, please donate.

Happy and grateful Thanksgiving,


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