Posted by: didyouseethis | December 21, 2017


It seems my blogging skills are beyond rusty. I’ve not posted a thing since this very night an entire year ago and I’m having a hard time remembering the simple codes I once used regularly.  Any way…the above link at American Digest fits perfectly with all I am thinking about tonight.  Past, present and future.

“No matter what time and the universe can throw at us, we still go on.”

“…no winter is without end and that the Gift is given to us again.”

So…I go on.  Much has changed since the first Longest Night post 7 years ago.  Life has altered, sad time endured.  As the longest night of the year passes I am settling into my new home and life,  smaller than before, less expansive, knowing how little I know.  Yet, it is  full of the richness of all that went before.  There are gifts left in my heart by those who went before me.  I vow to find the light in my own heart and in everyone I meet.

May this Longest Night of the Year bring you rest and hope for the coming light.





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