Posted by: didyouseethis | January 1, 2015

Meet The New Year…Same As The Old Year

So…2015 has arrived.

And with past as prologue…this new year begins with car trouble.  $1,200 worth.  No surprise.  We were cursed by cars from before we were married.  In the past I could defer to DH on all things automotive.  Many he was able to repair on his own.  Now, I am at the mercy of mechanics who may or may not be “Mr. Goodwrench”.

Having gone over the numbers and figured out how to pay for the repairs and had a good cry….I have been sitting here trying to find a way to put a positive spin on it.  It didn’t take long…though I’m kind of ashamed I had to think about it at all.  Yesterday,  after pulling in to the parking  lot at work and wondering if the car would hold out long enough to get to the mechanic after work (God bless them for being open on New Year’s Day) my phone rang.  It’s the doctor’s office…a small panic….why are they calling me today?  Well…not quite long story short…the call was to tell me the tests from my 3 month check up were absolutely normal!  Yay! Thank you…thank you. Panic over…breathe again.

Better the car than me?

Anyway…a toast to the new year.  To present company and very absent friends.

But mostly a toast to The Daughter and The Boy….the pleasures of my life.

Love, Mom


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