Posted by: didyouseethis | November 30, 2014

The Way Out Is The Way Through

(This was originally written at the beginning of September.  Why I left it sitting ing drafts all this time….I can’t say.  But I am happy to have found it today.)


My day arranged itself so I was in the neighborhood of the Sisters of the Incarnate Word Labyrinth.  It is a Chartres Labyrinth that has always brought me great joy and peace to walk.

Incarnate Word Labyrinth 2

Monday was no exception.  The sun was shining warm and summery but it was comfortable and breezy in the shade of the trees surrounding the labyrinth.  I walk and say my rosary and try to let go of everyday stresses.  When I reach the “heart” of Chartres I take three deep breaths and thank God for all that is in my life.  The good and the bad.  Then…I turn and begin the journey out.

“The way through is the way out”.   I first read that in a book by Thomas Tryon.  I believe it is truth.  Many people see the labyrinth as a metaphor of life.  On this day I felt a connection to my own labyrinth that is lost to me…but instead of great sorrow…I felt a kind of joy.

Memory Garden Labyrinth

Bill Whittle talked about not letting politics become the be all and end all of your life.  To not let it burn you out (Andrew Breitbart).  I tried to find the Stratosphere Lounge where he talked about it but so far no luck.  He said when he’s stressed…closes his eyes and imagines his most perfect beach.  When the world gets to you…stop…and go to your perfect beach.

This is my beach.

So often these days I find myself thinking….and sometimes saying out loud…”I don’t want to be here.”  Sad to say….it’s an awful lot of the places I must be

For now, this is where I want to be…find a place I want to be.

It connects me to a place….state of mind I’ve thought lost to me forever.



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