Posted by: didyouseethis | March 28, 2014


Tomorrow night between 8:30 and 9:30 there will be people sitting in the dark “celebrating” Earth Hour…supposedly bringing attention to the problems of the planet and the global warming/cooling/climate change crap.

On the other hand….there will also be people TURNING ON THE LIGHTS. People celebrating humankind’s achievements. They are the achievers/imaginers/creators. Turning on the lights and thinking how to move mankind forward to greater achievement. These are the people I will be standing with. I REFUSE TO SIT IN THE DARK.

Even the year DH was so sick and everything in our lives was spinning out of control…we turned on the lights.  I am so glad that we did because the next day, Sunday, the end began for real.  But before that all happened  we rocked out to LET’S SEE HOW FAR WE’VE COME.

Mom & Amma


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