Posted by: didyouseethis | January 3, 2012


Here is my Memory Garden.  Soon, it too will be a just a memory.  A background in photographs of other memories.

A year ago the night of the winter solstice,  the longest night of the year…I sat in DH’s room at Metro and read this post from a local blogger, William the Coroner.  He was on DH’s list of gun blogs.

A year ago on Christmas Eve,  DH came home from the hospital.  Tracheostomy and feeding tube in place, and the first of many times when nurses were a no show and The Boy and The Daughter and I had to figure things out on our own.  (Gratitude to youtube…you can learn just about anything there.)

A year later and DH is dead.  (I sometimes say he is gone…but I hear people say “lost” and I think,  no…I did not misplace him…he died.)  And so did William.

I shall not be sorry to put this year behind me.  It was the hardest year…for all of us.  At least I hope that is true…that there is not more awfulness in store.


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