Posted by: didyouseethis | December 23, 2011


There is still not much time for simple things like blogging.  Deconstructing a home and a lifetime of accumulated possessions takes a great deal of time…and focus.  There is always time, though, for reading.   During my daily morning read I came across this simply elegant post by Gerard (I hope he doesn’t mind the familiarity, but he is part of my daily routine.)

I reference it here for The Daughter and The Boy for reasons they know too well.  I think they will appreciate it.

I am also feeling quite guilty. There have been many moments of gratitude, deep abiding gratitude, in between moments of sorrow and despair.  And thanks to Gerard for reminding me.  I’ll be getting back to to the Best Thing About Today Posts…right now….

* American Digest

*Everything on my to do list…has a check mark next to it. I AM ready for Christmas.  God Bless us every one!

*A song I often sing to myself when times are  not so simple….as they have been of late….(“I’m still alive and no one’s shooting at me”  always makes me smile.)

Mom & Amma



  1. your blog is snowing – I LOVE it

  2. Yes it is! It was an option you could have last year and apparently now every December!

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