Posted by: didyouseethis | June 16, 2011


(Seems to me if you don’t need a tissue alert for this one…you have no heart.)

Thanks to Vanderleun and The Anchoress ….

and to  Donald Sensing for this quote…

“You are not old until your memories are more important than your dreams.”

I think I need to paint that on a wall or something…just sayin’.

Best things…..

*Sweet Jenn.. “playing with the sweetest dog I’ve ever met and carrying him around the art show all night like a baby” and…

*”walking on the beach with your boy”

*M*A..the breeze coming in the window while I read in bed.

*sunlight and shadow on the wall

DFAM-L…I think I’m going with the weather. I’ll probably be complaining next week when it’s up in the 80s again.



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