Posted by: didyouseethis | June 12, 2011


It’s been a year since I’ve done a gratitude post. That is, with the exception of the “best thing about today”.  I can’t believe I’ve let it go…   All the turmoil in my mind has churned out the desire to focus on all the good and wonderful in my life and the “strength in what remains“.  I’ve asked all the “kids” , The Daughter and The Uncle (formerly known as The Boy) and the Sweet Jenn and the S and DFAMS to send me their best things of the day.    I’m going to gather several days worth and post them all together at least once a week.  Srsly…I am.

*The Daughter, The Uncle, Lil’ G, The SiL, Sweet Jenn and the S/DFAM’s…they are the strength in what remains.

*Roses in the yellow vase on my birthday.

*Birdsong at sunset.

*An unexpected renewal of an old friendship.

*DFAM L….having ice cream with M & G & D and finding the courage to catch 4 spiders for D’s bug box!  And today…a glass blowing class!!!  How cool

*Sweet Jenn…cutting my grandpa’s hair and seeing that he finally put on some weight!  He’s recovering from a bypass and COPD he’s the best!

*Finding this gratitude page…and on it a video I’ve posted before.  And stealing two very nice photos.

*And while it makes me cry every time…I watch it anyway.

*And…Sunday dinner and watching what determined Lil’ G can do.

Mom & Grama



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