Posted by: didyouseethis | September 6, 2010


Ok…so it’s not 1 May….but….

Whilst reading the interwebs a bit before the family gathers to incinerate some nice pork ribs,  I came across a new blog  and the comment below.  Said blog and comment can be found  here.

beamish said…

Celebrating terrorism? “Labor Day” is a remembrance of the Pullman Strike, where rioting terrorists led by socialist Eugene Debs destroyed several million dollars (adjusted for inflation) worth of railroad infrastructure after around 120,000 railroad workers organized an illegal strike and began assaulting Irish and black workers who took their jobs after they walked off the job. Labor Day is also tied to the left’s legacy of celebrating violence and mayhem with the Haymarket Riots, where left-wing anarchist labor activists threw dynamite bombs at cops.

Nah, I’ll be working today.

If it were up to me, I’d change the name of the holiday to “Leftist Body Count Day.

Haymarket Riot

Pullman Strike




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