Posted by: didyouseethis | May 15, 2010


Today is also ARMED FORCES DAY.  Now…I had a post all ready to go up right after I posted the Peace Officers Memorial post.  Maybe it was because it was really late and I was really tired.  Maybe it was a glitch in WordPress.  I don’t know.  But…somehow I lost, deleted or otherwise vanished that post.  I do believe everything happens for a reason and I think the reason that post vanished was so I could link to this story.  Much more inspiring than anything I could write.

Now watch this, more recent, video.

Here is the link to the Brendan Marrocco Road To Recovery Trust

There is no self pity, no blaming anyone or anything.  Just a belief in himself and a fierce determination to live to serve his purpose.  I feel no pity for Brendan, just an awed admiration and respect and wishes for great happiness with his wife to be.  God bless them both.

Maggie commented at WZ that this story made her think of “The Best Years Of Our Lives“…this scene…


PS  If you ever hear me whining…please smack me and remind me to go back and read this post.  Thanks.


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