Posted by: didyouseethis | April 25, 2010


The weather for today was predicted to be rainy with a chance of thunderstorms.  But we were blessed with the sun breaking through the clouds for the duration of the rally.  (The thunderstorms waited until dinnertime.)

Monica Robbins from WKYC sang the National Anthem.

Reverend Rich Bartley Chaplain of the Great Lakes Blue Knights Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club gave the Invocation.

John Kikol Rally Organizer

Tracy Holmes, sister of Lance Cpl. David R. Hall who gave his life on 8/31/09 while supporting combat operations in Helmand  province, Afghanistan.

Janie Reinart and Mary Anne Mayer.  Their book,  Love You More Than You Know is a collection of essays by 45 Ohio Mothers who’ve sent their children off to war.

Laurie Goyetche

Robert Gilbert, a Richfield police officer, spoke about his son Gunnery Sgt. Robert Gilbert II

Chas Lane from the Greater Cleveland Peace Officers Memorial Society

Mike Primmer from Vet Aid National

Jim Mantel begins the Reading Of Ohio Fallen Heroes


Cleveland Firefighters Pipes and Drums

Once again,  I am impressed by the crowd of riders and I wonder why there aren’t more “non riders” there.  Our military defends us all…IMHO we can’t do enough for them.  At the very least an hour once a year…to simply be grateful.  At best find a more concrete way to say thanks.  Write a letter, send a care package, make a donation to one of the military charities.

Nice article in the PD.  Ignore the doofus in the comments with the noise hang up.  Tell that to Officer Gilbert whose son can no longer ride, so he rides for him.

(We should have video up later in the week, I hope.)

Love and gratitude,


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