Posted by: didyouseethis | April 15, 2010


*Fiscal Responsibility * Constitutionally Limited Government * *Free Markets*

DH and I headed down to Mall C this afternoon (a most beautiful 80 degree afternoon I might add) for the Tax Day Tea Party.

There were the young

and the very young.

There were the “more mature and experienced”

and sports fans.

They carried signs

and wore shirts

and skirts

and kilts (with constitutions tucked into the belt).

I hear that the Tea Partiers are supposed to be  old bigoted white guys.  There were a lot of older white guys

but…there were a lot of young dudes.

and  some black dudes…

…who sing beautifully.  (Do you suppose they’re bigots?)

There were radio dudes.  Bob Frantz rocks.  (Trivisonno’s jealous.)

Book reading dudes.

There was even a Sparta dude.  (King Leonidas?)

Finally, there were Oath Keepers.  An oath was taken.

The bosses showed the” employees” their pink slips.

(Borrowed this next pic from Cleveland Tea Party Patriots.)

And just look…not a smidgin of trash left behind.  (Just sayin’.)

God Bless America.




  1. Looks like such fun! I love the “more mature & experienced” comment. You’re so polite. 🙂

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