Posted by: didyouseethis | February 11, 2010

RIP Captain Phil

Captain Phil Harris from the Cornelia Marie of Deadliest Catch fame passed away yesterday.

I don’t watch much television anymore.  At least not in a paying attention sort of way.  It may be on but mostly for background noise.  One show I do make a point of watching is Deadliest Catch.

The way I see it, it’s about people who know how to take care of themselves…who understand hard work and accept the risks they’ve chosen to take…who resent the interference of the nanny state. (And you thought it was just about crab fishing.)

Condolences to his family.



  1. so one of my Favorite Shows the Deadliest Catch just lost one of there Senior Captain’s! RIP CAPTAIN PHIL HARRIS OF THE CORNELIA MARIE!!! show wont be the same without you!!!

    • It sure will not be the same… 😦

  2. I live near seattle and all our hearts are broken!!! R.I.P.Phil you were my favorite! rock on in the nether world.

  3. Phil i love you!
    i watched every episode of every season of Deadliest Catch and you were my absolute favorite.
    You will be greatly missed.
    Watching the show made me get attached to you and your crew almost like you were family :).
    Hearing the news about your passing killed me
    I will miss you and condolences to your family
    Love you
    R.I.P. Phil Harris

  4. Deadliest catch is a favorite of ours. The guys are like a part of our family. The passing of Phil saddens us both very much. Remember the strength and determination of your dad guys. He will live on in us all Peace to you our dear Phil.

  5. Captin Phill Harris was absolutly the best of the best, no other Captin is going to match his record but I also have watched every episode every season and when I watched this past episode I litteraly broke down and cried and I dont cry I have never cried in my life, and I just wanted to give my regards to his family and his fans, because you never know whats good in life till the end comes so I just want to tell his sons Josh and Jake whil you guys are out on the Bering sea whenyou see an opperatunity dont let it pass you by take the time to risk your life for your crew your father served the world now its your turn to take control of the Cornelia Marie so go out there and make your father proud of you guys. sincerily Norman lewis of 112 plymouth ave 93308 bakersfield, california send letters if you wish to do so I will write back to all of them. RIP PHILL HARRIS December 19, 1956 – Feburary 9, 2010 WE WILL MISS YOU CAPTIN WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH.

  6. We will miss Captain Phil greatly . Josh & Jake , your dad was one hell of a man and just by watching the TV show, I know he loved you both very much ! May God be with you both and may the angles be by his side . We will miss him greatly !

  7. This will probably be one of the most missed people from the show. Phil was rugged yet he had heart and all he ever wants is to see other suceed. I hope that his boys do him prowd and load and take the crew to the top. My condolences to the family and crew of the Cornelia Marie. Phil may your spirit last forever.

    Where once there stood a man who would bow down to lend a hand to his children and his childrens children. Now there is an empty void never to be replaced. Loved by all who came in contact with or had known him though his name. Phil you will never be forgotten by us. May God Bless.

  8. My heart dropped out of my chest when I heard the news come over the television that Captain Phil Harris had passed away. My heart goes out to the boys Josh and Jake. Your dad was one of those people who capture the heart of everyone. He was rough and tough when he needed to be and big as a teddy bear too. Captain Phil Harris was one of a kind and I will miss him very much. I hope that you two boys will continue working on the Cornelia Marie and take pride that your dad will be watching over you both. God Bless

  9. I just heard….I’m flabergasted

  10. May you rest in peace Captain Phil with dignity

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