Posted by: didyouseethis | September 13, 2009

Good Question…Why *Is* There A Hole In The Ground

I found the video below at Trying To Grok this morning.  It’s no secret I’m a fan of Glenn Beck.  I think he is one of the few “talkers” out there looking at both sides and calling them out on inconsistencies and lies.   I’ve heard and read lots of negative opinions of him…usually from people that remind me of an unnamed place of employment’s upper management… absolutely no sense of humor.  (And…he must be doing something right to have the “intense” critical attention of those who want to fundamentally change America.)  There’s nothing funny in this clip from September 11th.   WHY is there still a hole in the ground?  We are the people that put a man on the moon.  We can’t rebuild a building?



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