Posted by: didyouseethis | May 9, 2009

Turn Around

M A & Punky

We bought a wedding dress today.  My baby is getting married.

She had a pretty good idea what she wanted and where to find it.  An hour’s drive from home and we were at the bridal salon.  She’d looked at three particular dresses online.  All very pretty…but it’s hard to be sure from a photograph.  Trying them on didn’t take long…the decision didn’t take long either.  *The* dress….absolutely beautiful.  Done and done!

Then it was Lindy’s turn…Matron of Honor.  While they were going through racks of dresses, I got up to stretch my legs a bit and look around.   When I came back Lindy was in the dressing room and The Daughter was standing there…and I became aware of the music that was playing…Leo Sayer…”When I Need You”.  I looked at her…she looked at me…she says…”what are the chances”?

We had joked earlier that at least there wouldn’t be any crying this time.  When Lindy was looking for her wedding dress…her Mom got a little verklempt …totally understandable.  However,  I don’t cry easily…and usually not in public.

“When I Need You”…I sang it to her when she was a baby… while I rocked her…when she had to go back to the hospital because she was so jaundiced…I sang it as I stood in the door of the nursery…so tired…the Doc finally banned me from staying the night and sent me home…when she was colicky…when she was teething…so many nights…until she could talk…and was able to say…”Mom, don’t sing”.  🙂

So….I sat down while Lindy tried on another dress…and I sang (very very quietly to myself) and I cried.  How quickly the time passes.  One day you’re walking the floor with a colicky baby thinking this will go on forever…and next thing you know…she is a happy, funny, beautiful, smart young woman choosing her wedding gown.

When we got home I knew I would write about the “coincidence” of the song and I looked for a video of it.  There are several…and I could very well cry again…except the one I’m posting…unless I close my eyes and just listen to the song…won’t make me cry…it will make me smile.

When she was a month old we moved to Houston.  Part of my Houston routine was, after watching the Muppet Show, putting  put her in the backpack carrier, stop at 7-11 for a frozen coke and then walk the neighborhood.  I was fascinated by the plants growing in people’s yards…things I’d never seen in Ohio.  She was fascinated by everything. She, happily,  became a fan of the Muppets…and so finding this video combines both memories…in a very happy way.




  1. Ok, before I get to the meat of it… how often in a singer’s career can you proudly claim back-up singing by a wolf?

    I’m shocked first of all that I knew which song you meant without hearing it. Isn’t how my brain usually works.

    I read your timeline, and… understand. My children are so young, and I still see them, simultaneously, as both the joy I held for the first time, and how they are now…. the duality striking me hard, and wondering where has the time gone, and how much time is left… wanting to stretch it for as long as possible, and to stop it in its tracks.

    I cannot fathom the possibility of one day walking M down the aisle… or T’s excitement when he finds “The Girl”…

    But, Life – like Time – is relentless, and I can fight it, or enjoy the ride. While tempted to do the former, I’ll grudgingly go with the latter.

  2. This post made me cry – in a good way. You are such a good mom – I hope you enjoy your Mother’s Day.

    P.S. – I love that song too – my mom had the 45 when I was little!

  3. It’s both a joy and a hardship for me to see how my kids have grown. Like you, I wonder where the time has gone and wish for more. As you know, my baby will be a grandpa before the year is out if all goes well. He should only be about 3 yrs old himself. Like frt1, I see them both ways simultaneously, a grownup man and woman with grown kids of their own, and my funny, sweet babies. That sometimes makes me cry, too.

    Glad “The Girl” found the perfect dress. Give her my best wishes for a wonderful life.

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