Posted by: didyouseethis | April 28, 2009

Gratitude #23

*3 years without a cold…until now.

*Feeling better and going outside and finding…


*Lolipop Crabapple


*Apple Blossoms…quite possibly the last…so, very grateful.



*Coming back into the house to…


*Our own Monorail Cats…although, having disturbed them…no LOLing here.

*Having spent the past two days indulging in naps, a great book, extra soft tissues…I still have today off…to get back to my to do list.




  1. So sorry you’re not feeling well. Love your various blooms!

  2. Hope your better soon

    And it’s almost lilac time here in my back yard. Rain- 10 day of it- is what made the buds come early – or at least in my view. We have an awesome Magnolia tree, bush thingy in the front, with tulips underneath and our cottoneaster is popping there also.

    Now if only, those yellow flowers, ummm what are they called? No, not that curse word- dandelions are out in force and my DH did spread the weed killer weeks ago….fun uh? How can one mow the lawn if it is underwater…Boats? Are you sure? Well, I’ll look into it -LOL

  3. Oops- Hope YOU ARE better soon..
    there.. where is that edit key hidden?

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