Posted by: didyouseethis | April 19, 2009

Rally For The Troops Cleveland 2009

Once again DH and I headed downtown for the Rally for the Troops. This time we were accompanied by our good friend Mark. The morning was cloudy…but no rain this year. Even if it had rained…it would be a small price to pay to give thanks and to honor our military, past and present.

I have to thank DH (Navy vet) for getting the video from the camera to the video capturing thingy…and hope he can find the last three (the reading of the names of the Ohio fallen, Taps and Amazing Grace) that I managed to lose.  (Honestly honey…wasn’t me…the computer ate them!)

As I watched the assembled crowd and then when I took a look at the photos we took…I was taken by the range of ages in the crowd…from the very young to the very old.

troop-rally-4-18-09-0041The young and proud.




troop-rally-4-18-09-012Honor Guards

troop-rally-4-18-09-0141Invocation, Rev. Rich Bartley

troop-rally-4-18-09-015Rally Organizer John “KIKS” Kikol

troop-rally-4-18-09-018Pam Montgomery widow of Lance Cpl. Brian Montgomery KIA8/1/05

troop-rally-4-18-09-020WWII Veteran Steve Vargo and Sue Vargo

troop-rally-4-18-09-021Emily Kuglics sister of SSG Matthew J. Kuglics KIA 6/5/07

troop-rally-4-18-09-022James Boskovitch father of Cpl. Jeffrey A. Boskovitch KIA 8/1/05




Every year I am impressed by the crowd of riders and I wonder why there aren’t more “non riders” there.  Our military defends us all…IMHO we can’t do enough for them.  At the very least an hour once a year…to simply be grateful.  At best find a more concrete way to say thanks.  Write a letter, send a care package, make a donation to one of the military charities.

(AND…every year a photo is taken from a window high in the Renaissance Hotel…does anyone know where to find that photo?)



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