Posted by: didyouseethis | April 15, 2009

Cleveland Tea Party 2009

It was a wonderful, inspiring and tiring day.  It never rained…but right on the lake it gets a little chilly this time of year.  I’ll probably come back and have some comments to make…and maybe add a few more photos.  But for right now…I’m ready to hit the sack.

tax-day-tea-party-4-15-09-0011On the way to Mall C

tax-day-tea-party-4-15-09-004Forget the  jokes about rolling up the sidewalks at night…this is outside the Cleveland Federal Reserve Building.







tax-day-tea-party-4-15-09-036Carlton C.J Williams

tax-day-tea-party-4-15-09-0421Bob Frantz

tax-day-tea-party-4-15-09-050Punk Patriot


Tea Party Family

tax-day-tea-party-4-15-09-069Veteran’s Memorial



tax-day-tea-party-4-15-09-076Old Arcade One of my favorite places downtown.

Michelle Malkin has photos coming in from all over the country.




  1. Great photos! I was there, too, doing the caricatures. I love all the different signs people made. Especially love “Liberalism is a mental disorder.” 🙂

  2. @ Wendy: Don’t take that as an offense please, but do you really think it is right to consider everyone who has not the same political opinion like you as sick with mental disorder?!

  3. LOL- love the Dagny one.

  4. LOL- loved the Dagny one.

  5. Good pics! However, I must say that the Veterans Memorial looks much better when I’m standing in front of it wearing a ball-gown!

    And by the way, I don’t know about Wendy, but I do happen to think that everyone that does not have the same political view as me does have a mental disorder. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, when I want your opinion, I’ll give it to you!!!

  6. Hmmm, what a great idea! I think I’d also like to see the Veterans Memorial… and I have a great ball gown in mind, too!


  7. The process that allows us to denigrate those who disagree or are different from us is what prevents us from agreeing with each other at differing times.

    It widens the chasm… until such time as the chasm is uncrossable.

  8. Check out our summary of the Cleveland/Canton tea parties from the Ohio Objectivist Society – we were there handing out free copies of Atlas Shrugged and holding signs saying, “Atlas Will Shrug”, “Who is John Galt?”, etc.

    “In all, we handed out over 20 copies of Atlas Shrugged, over 40 copies of our booklet, and dozens of business cards. We got on a couple radio shows, one local TV news segment, and were interviewed by a small local newspaper, all to spread our name. And it’s working – the emails are already pouring in, with people interested in future meetups, book reviews, etc.”

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