Posted by: didyouseethis | March 29, 2009

The 9/12 Project

I finished reading the 5,000 Year Leap yesterday.

This morning I found this video posted at Glenn Beck’s 9/12 Project site. I think it ties in nicely with Human Achievement Hour. America is the 5,000 year leap of  human achievement. Freedom’s Last Stand.




  1. Hay Glen!
    When I heard about the Freedom Tower, I was red hot. To me it will always be the FREEDOM TOWER!!!
    All these airheads that want to change the name of this wonderful monument are a disgrace to humanity.
    I keep the loved ones of the victoms of 911 in my prayers allways.

    Bill the Plumber from TEXAS.

  2. Hay Glen !
    I heard that there’s going to be a tee party in Houston as well.
    If I can finde out when & where I’ll be There.
    Bill the Plumber.

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