Posted by: didyouseethis | March 19, 2009

Who knew?! #1

One of the reasons I love the internet is all the random, interesting, sometimes totally useless (unless you’re trying out for Jeopardy) information you come across.  So I’ve decided to collect some of these tidbits that have caught my attention.

Didja know…

  • Carole Lombard (wife of Clark Gable) was a second generation member of the Baha’i faith?
  • She was a Hoosier…as are DH and The Daughter
  • She was killed in a plane crash, 16 January 1942, while returning from a War Bond Drive.
  • In June 1942 a Liberty Ship was christened in her name.
  • In December 1945 my father returned home from the Pacific Theater on the S S Carole Lombard.

This is part of a chart he kept on the trip back home.





  1. Wow I mean I keep looking at the chart trying to understand it and I always see some new detail I hadn’t seen before. Did he cross out the days in that calender?

  2. Yes, he crossed out the days. December is added in pencil. I think the journey took a little bit longer than they anticipated. This is just a third of the whole chart. The whole thing won’t fit in the scanner. He was very a methodical and amazingly creative guy. When I was sorting his photographs, I’d pretty much gotten them in the best chronological order I could. I had 6 photos I could not identify or figure out. I kept rearranging their order…and finally recognized something in the background of one of them…Alcatraz Prison. And the Golden Gate Bridge. It was the arrival home.

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