Posted by: didyouseethis | March 2, 2009

Happy Music

Caillean put a list of her music together and called it Wakin’ Up Again.  The Daughter often tells The Boy what he needs is to listen to some “happy music”  Now, it’s not on my “to do” list…but realistically how much work can I get done tonight?  The email will still be full in the morning.  The dust bunnies aren’t going anywhere.  Everyone  is already asleeep so I can’t vacuum.  Might as well sit here and play…after all…”Tomorrow is another day!”.

So…here’s some of the music that makes me happy, or laugh, or just plain feel good. In no particular order.  Most of them are on my lil’ iPod.  There’s more CD’s I could go through…but this is playing and going through all the CD’s would be work.   And then…there’s some 300 vinyls I could go through…and that would really be work.

Somewhere there’s a tape…with the saddest songs I know.  I used to listen to it when I was down.  (Dust In The Wind is on that tape.)  By the time it was done…there was no place else to go but up.  I am older now and probably not that much wiser…but as Prager says,  “we have a moral obligation to be happy.” I do believe that.  I also believe we have every right to feel sorry for ourselves…just as long as we do it in our own room…with the door shut!  “The way out is the way through.”

So…here is some of my “happy music”.

Online Brad Paisley…Makes me laugh every time.

Worst Day Since Yesterday Flogging Molly…”sad” song…makes me laugh.

Beggar On A Beach Of Gold Mike and the Mechanics…love love love this song.

Stand Rascal Flatts…Passion, Determination, Courage, Grace, Desire, Expression.  YES!

Back In The High Life Steve Winwood…hope.

I Wanna Talk About Me Toby Keith…while I do like to talk about me…this always makes me think about The Daughter  🙂  Cracks me up!  Especially since Grama is in Muncie, Indiana!

Cleveland Rocks Trans-Siberian Orchestra…wish I could find a better video…but it’s getting late and we’re not done yet!  (I do wonder what they close the show with in other cities.)

Why Can’t This Be Love Van Halen

Dreams Van Halen

Right Now Van Halen…this is happy music!  (Sammy)

Marching To Mars Sammy Hagar

Santorini Yanni…and if anyone wants to bad mouth Yanni…just ZIP IT…ok…my blog  🙂  (you know who you are).

Youth Matisyahu

Jerusalem Matisyahu…thanks to The Boy

Gemini Dream Moody Blues…actually anything by MB

And lastly…one special one…for my special Mom who taught me to be happy .

(11 years and I still miss you Ma.)


(Now…I have played…and avoided all the serious things I need to do…I am going to be a very busy Mom in the morning!)



  1. The Brad Paisley one tickles the fire out of me, too. We see so many people like that on the blogs. 🙂 You should find Trace Adkins’ new one (not real sure of the title) “Next Time I’m Gonna Marry For Money”. I grin like an idiot every time I hear it. Might be my new anthem.

  2. Hey, went through your list earlier and I have to say it is not quite what I expected 😉 very interesting collection! hey maybe we should make a tag thing out of it and see with what music other people come up with : )))

  3. Yanni mentioned anywhere near Glenn Miller!

    That’s just wrong! That is a travesty of travestorial travesitis.

    Oh no! No! No! No!

    “say it ain’t so Joe, say it ain’t so”

  4. Hey, mIsho…..thippppptttttt.

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