Posted by: didyouseethis | December 15, 2008

Gratitude # 21

*  Lt. Dan aka Gary Sinise

Presented with the Presidential Citizens Medal…now I don’t watch much teevee any more…but didn’t see this on the news.  It’s possible that I missed it.   Oh, wait…he received it for supporting the troops…silly me.  I  first saw this at Black and Right but go to the Washington Times and read the whole article…I got little teary eyed towards the end.  I do wish there were more like Mr. Sinise.


*  We always look forward to Louise and Ron’s Christmas cards…because they always involve a Corvette…well…they did.  This year I’m pretty sure this is going to be my favorite card.  (Unless someone sends a card with the angel I’ve been searching for on it.)


*Craisins.  A salad just seems…naked without craisins…and herbed croutons…and toasted almonds…and red bell pepper…all with ranch dressing.  I’m almost to the point where I’d rather have that salad than dessert…almost.  (Wondering what kind of salad that Chris…the food TownHall blogger would like.)

*Speaking of Chris…from his blog I find out that there is a new Muppet special on Wednesday. (I’ll be taping it  because Wednesday is Glenn Beck’s simulcast of the Christmas Sweater.  Planning on lots of tissues.)

*THIS was not The Boy….it wasn’t was it?

*10 days until Christmas…I just might get my cards written.

Love, Mom



  1. Thanks for the Muppets special tip on Wednesday. We’ll try to tune in. Surprisingly, Wednesday afternoon and night is one of the few nights that we do not have activities planned.

  2. The Corvette cards are getting WAY to pricey now that they have a grandchild to buy for. Glad you liked the card and scanned it in.

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