Posted by: didyouseethis | December 14, 2008

The Difference Between Them & Me…I Don’t Want Them ALL Dead

A comment from a friend and fellow Angel on Ben Shapiro’s TownHall article has had me thinking all day and I wanted to answer her as best I could…so, here it is .


When I was 20 I would probably have reacted to this in the same way you have.  The same for when I was 30, and 40 and I’m embarrassed to say, 50.  But then came 9/11.  And I could no longer sit and watch and say, give peace a chance, let’s talk.  I’ve learned much too late that in some situations, no matter how much you *want*  something, sometimes you must do the thing you would rather avoid.  Most Soldiers will tell you, no one hates war more than they do, yet that is what they prepare for.

I don’t think Mr. Shapiro is saying kill every one who disagrees with us.  What he is saying is…if we want to survive…then we must kill those who want to kill us. Being politically correct and never naming the ones who want us dead…may get us just that…dead.  Militant Islam declared war on us long, long ago.

Enough. After the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, the plane downed in Pennsylvania, the endless suicide bombings, shootings and rocket attacks in Israel, the Bali bombings, the synagogue bombing in Tunisia, the LAX shootings, the Kenyan hotel bombing, the Casablanca attacks, the Turkey synagogue attacks, the Madrid bombings, the London bombings, and the repeated attacks in India culminating in the Mumbai massacres — among literally thousands of others — its about time that the West got the point: were in a war. Our enemies are determined. They will not quit just because we offer them Big Macs, Christina Aguilera CDs, or even the freedom to vote. They will not quit just because we ensure that they have Korans in their Guantanamo cells, or because we offer to ban The Satanic Verses (as India did). They will only quit when they are dead. It is our job to make them so, and to eliminate every obstacle to their destruction.

They will not quit.  No matter how much we want them to, no matter how nicely we talk to/about them.  They will not stop until we (anyone who does not share their vision of a Sharia/Islamic ruled world) are destroyed.


These riots were over cartoons…cartoons…drawings.  Go HERE.  Read what has been done to innocent people, in the name of the religion of peace,  in other parts of the world, that had nothing to do with the U.S.  There can be no peace by discussion.  They will not hear the words.

And no, I do not want total war.  No sane person does.  But those who want to destroy the West and all who do not submit to their mindset…they do…they call it jihad.

Still friends?




  1. I only read this one AFTER I had commented on the other one. Nobody wants war – NOBODY! But if someone wants to kill me? I am NOT going to offer them a nice cup of tea, without any preconditions.

    These terrorists have said MANY times, they want all of us infidels DEAD!

    And as I read your piece here, M*A? This came into my head:

    The soldier, above all, prays for peace.

  2. Hey, yes of course still friends, I can get a little heated over discussions but that does not mean I cannot accept when a person has a different point of view 😉
    I also agree that it is _militant_ islam what we, the free people from all nations, are in war with, and of course I would rather kill the one who wants to see me dead than baking an imaginary cake to Brats imaginary cup of tea.

    My thought is the following: being militant is not only about actions, seriously. One can kill those who get active, but that does not mean the ones who have those radical thoughts are eliminated (once they see the active ones get eliminated they may stay silent just to survive). So: how do you decide which person is militant when it cannot be “seen” or “heard”? Because as long as there are people with the wrong thoughts, then radical islam will go over to another generation. And it will be this next generation that will become active again. One can make them silent for a while, but they will return in “waves”.

    1) How to solve that?
    2) How to minimize the risk of innocent being killed?
    Theory is nice, but fact is that human beings are involved and we make tons of mistakes, so one can take for granted that innocent people will die.

    I know that soldiers above everyone pray for peace, it “just happens” I know some and one in my family 😉

    angel greetings 😉

  3. 1) How to solve that?
    2) How to minimize the risk of innocent being killed?

    I think those are the questions of the century.

    Glad we can discuss. 🙂

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