Posted by: didyouseethis | December 9, 2008

Christmas Stuff

So….I have two days off…plenty of time to get everything on my to do list done…right?  Not so much.  Most of the list was Christmas stuff…literally.  Christmas trees mostly.  I decided a couple of years ago that I just couldn’t keep up the annual boxes down from the attic…chaos all over the house…boxes back up into the attic routine for much longer.  A little explanation… the store where I work…Christmas is THE time of year.  It is for most retailers…but we specialize in Christmas.  So…I’ve collected a lot of STUFF over the years…garlands and flowers and musical teddy bears and …you know..STUFF.  But carting down and unpacking and packing and carting back up…gets to you after 18 years.   So what I’ve decided to do was to have a tree for every room.  Not a big tree…most of them are table top size.  But themed for the room…and decorated…and at the end of the season…wrapped in plastic and up into the attic until next year when…down from the attic…bag off…lights plugged in…ta da…decorating DONE!  There is one little catch…space has to be made for the tree in each room.  What to do with the displaced STUFF? That is what got me to thinking in a major way about STUFF…and finally had me looking for George Carlin….

I am comforted by  my STUFF…and I do admit…I have waaay too much of it.  Maybe 2009 will be the year I finally purge some of the unnecessary STUFF…but until then…excuse me…the last tree is ready to be plugged in and I have to find a place to put some STUFF.

Love, Mom



  1. It’s totally worth it. I love visiting your house at Christmas. The photo tree is my favorite!!! I want to do the same thing one day – tree in every room.

  2. Well, heck…you can do that now Linda. Forget all the tchotchkie crap…stuff at my store goes 50-25% off next week…buy some trees…concentrate on ornaments not crap you’ll be packing and unpacking for the next 50 years! (And I’m sooo glad you like coming here at Christmas…or any time for that matter 🙂 )

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