Posted by: didyouseethis | November 11, 2008

You See Them Every Day…

gratitude…though you probably don’t know it. The old gentleman with his Marine ball cap. The young man that seems to stand straighter and more alert than most.  Our Veterans.  They all have a story and those stories need to be told. I think we owe it to them to listen. I had a long post almost ready with a list with links to some of those stories…and through my own fault…my most grievous fault…I seem to have deleted it. Then, I find the following in my inbox. With SCEagle‘s permission I’m posting it with the link to a salute to veterans and especially Prisoners of War.

“I thought back to a briefing I was given prior to _my_ deployment: “Don’t get captured. Use your last round on yourself, if you have to. We’ve seen what they do to our guys… Don’t get captured.”

But before… In previous wars and conflicts, people were captured and survived. They may only have been held as prisoners for a few hours, or for some, they were held for months and years.

And while their numbers dwindle, they still walk amongst us. Norfolk, VA, has a large share, due mainly to its perpetual status as a military hub and home. Few would recognize these individuals, if met on the street or at Starbuck’s, as someone with an amazing tale to tell… Yet, they walk amongst us.

And their tales are worth hearing. Not all military operations go as planned (as anyone who’s been in will tell you, it’s amazing that they seem to succeed at all!), and when they go wrong, it’s often horribly wrong.

And these individuals still survived to come home…

Amazing, and well worth listening to their stories…”

With love and gratitude to all who have served and are still serving,


PS  If you want to honor a Veteran, you can go to The Soldier Wall to say thank you and to remember.


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