Posted by: didyouseethis | November 11, 2008

I Saw Them Today

They were old and young and ages in between…our Veterans.

It’s a dreary cold day here in northern Ohio.  However, in spite of the temperature on this Veterans Day, a small group  of people (waaaay too small to my way of thinking) gathered at our Veterans Memorial to honor all those who have served.


As I stood there listening to the speakers (all brief in consideration of the cold and the age of some of the Vets attending) I looked at the faces.  I wondered about the stories that could be told.  I stood with a woman I work with.  I know part of her story.  4 sons.  Army, Air Force, Navy, local Firefighter.  One recently returned from 15 months in Afghanistan and one currently deployed in the Gulf.

God bless them and all their brothers and sisters in arms.

Love, Mom



  1. What’s the red/white flag?

  2. Polish flag. Two of the groups sponsoring the Memorial and ceremony is the Polish American Veterans Association Post 152 and Polish Legion of American Veterans Post 157. Our little suburb has a large population of Polish ancestry, especially older people. Also sponsoring is American Legion Post 304.

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