Posted by: didyouseethis | October 11, 2008

Votin’ Dead In Ohio

Note: 9 p.m. More video below.

Our own little Acorn story….The Boy and some friends went to a show last week in Cleveland Heights (Nuclear Free Zone don’tcha know). When he stepped outside for a smoke he saw three people with clipboards. Knowing full well what was going on, he approached them and asked what was up with the clipboards (he can play soooo innocent when he wants to). They explained they were registering people to vote, was he registered? “Since the day I turned 18”. “Oh, good”. “And you’re voting for Obama.” Statement not question. “Hell, NO.” “Oh, (pause), you’re voting for one of the third party candidates.” Statement again. “No”. And then came the question “Well then, who are you voting for?” (Completely mystified.) “Umm….John McCain”. “Oh”. Apparently, a civilized polite conversation ensued. But I can’t help wondering if registering folks to vote at 10 p.m. in front of a bar….oh…nevermind.

Love, Mom

(Good job Boy!)
h/t LGF and Joshuapundit and thanks to bitterclinger for making the video

After considering the above video…watch this one…pay attention about 1:45

Again, thanks to LGF and this time Carl at Israel Matzav



  1. Yeah, good job! Let me shake that Boy’s hand!

  2. Love the top video!
    Way to go to The Boy!!

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