Posted by: didyouseethis | September 19, 2008


My good friend Katy often sends something funny or inspiring on Fridays, so,  I’m sending this video to her. I really should be getting ready for work…but first I took a little spin around my favorite sites. Not sure how I got to Ushanka but it was worth the detour and I’ll be going back. (Disclaimer…they do know the bikini picture is a photoshop…and it does fit the video.) (And I always did like Robert Palmer.)

Have a great weekend…I’ll be at work 🙂

Love, Mom



  1. You’re too kind! Nice way to begin my work day – thanks!

  2. I, too, have always enjoyed Robert Palmer and this particular video…

    Haven’t made up my mind on McCain/Palin (Libertarian leanings are strong), but… wow, she’s a great politician.

  3. Ah boy does that video bring back memories.

    Much, much better theme song for the Gov than ‘Barracuda’.

  4. Thanks for posting our video!


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