Posted by: didyouseethis | September 7, 2008

Never Forget 9/11 Ceremony and Ride…Eastlake, Ohio

DH and I headed out this morning in the rain that kept falling…until we got to Eastlake…right behind a group of bikes headed for the ceremony.  It was sponsored by Western Reserve Harley-Davidson.

Eastlake’s Boulevard of 500 Flags honoring…everyday…the veterans from the Eastlake area.  (I can’t describe the rush of emotion that came over me at the sight of all those flags.)

The ceremony began with Rev. Rich Bartley, Blue Knights Chaplain giving the invocation.  Jim Mantel of WGAR and Monica Robins of WKYC were there.  Monica sang the National Anthem…goosebumps!  Speakers were Robbie Senatore from the New York City Fire Department who lost 343 of his fellow firefighters on 9/11,  Detective Andy Ezzo of the Cleveland Police Department and Bob Smith whose son, Colin was seriously injured in Iraq.  Sadly, the sound system left a lot to be desired and it was difficult to hear most of the speakers.  The ceremony concluded with a 21 gun salute to all of our fallen heroes.  Amazing Grace was played by the Cleveland Firefighters Memorial Pipes and Drums.

While standing at the memorial… part of which is two beams from the Trade Center… I overheard this Mom explaining to her three little boys the meaning of the twisted pieces of metal they were looking at, and why they had come to this place full of motorcycles this morning.  It brought tears to my eyes and reminded me of the man explaining to his little girl at the WWII Memorial what the field of stars represented.

One thing I did hear clearly from the stage was a reminder that while many of us will stop and thank someone in military service…we seldom thank those on the frontlines here at home…our Police Officers and Firefighters.  They too serve, are volunteers and leave home not knowing what awaits them in the course of their duty.  We need to remember them and thank them.

National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial

National Fallen Firefighters Foundation

It’s hard to believe it’s been 7 years.   And…I think there are those that have forgotten..or at least…who have not given much thought to that terrible day and what it represents.  It is much easier not to think about it…not to look at the photographs and the videos.  But we need to.  Because as cliche as it may be, “Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

Thank You…all who serve…military and civilian.

Love, Mom and Family

*With a little luck, there may be video to come…we’ll see!



  1. my thoughts and remembrance for the 66, Great Britain (British) United Kingdom of England,Scotland,Ireland, Wales,and Chanell Island, whom died so far from home, leaving familly,freinds and loved ones heart broken and confused, in gods hands now

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