Posted by: didyouseethis | August 31, 2008

I Haz A Ponder…A Serious One

My ponder is over an email I got from a friend promoting a petition for a National GOP Primary.  On the face of it I thought it a sensible and logical idea. “The purpose of this petition is to encourage the RNC to create a one day National Presidential primary that will allow every registered Republican the opportunity to vote for the GOP candidate that best represents their beliefs before the candidate chooses to drop out of the race.”

And then I discussed it with another friend who pointed out “…why should we continue to bother having 50 states?  It’s just another example of giving strength (albeit, in a subtle, different form) to a central government, than the individualism of the 50 states. The current national campaigning practice of swinging into an area, promise whatever the locals want, and move on… and promise differently to others…. it IS the way we should be. Kentucky does NOT equal Idaho does NOT equal Maine does NOT equal Kansas etc etc. Also, it gives equal weight to each state. While RI will be pleased, how do you think CA or TX will feel? PA? OH? Perhaps we should return to conventions meaning something, rather than being 4 day $100 million infomercials? There used to not be primaries… it was decided at the convention.”

I remember those conventions.

And now…I am pondering.
Love, Mom



  1. “…why should we continue to bother having 50 states? It’s just another example of giving strength (albeit, in a subtle, different form) to a central government, than the individualism of the 50 states…”

    First of all, that is the perfect example of a straw man. I think your friend missed the point. This isn’t about creating a “centralized government” simply because we are not discussing the General election, nor are we discussing restrictions on campaigning.

    The reason there were individual primaries was because at the time, candidates needed to travel on horseback to each state to campaign, then the primary election occurred.

    With today’s methods of communication, the necessity of individual primaries is obsolete. One problem that occurs is that with media coverage, election outcomes are influenced. To what extent, I don’t know, but I certainly dislike the idea of my vote being meaningless and hate the idea of a small group of individuals who think they know better than ‘we the people’ who the best GOP candidate is.

    I am guessing your friend is on the eastern seaboard which almost always means they have an opportunity to vote for any candidate while those who live in states with later primaries don’t.
    Further, with a national primary, the individual state still has the voice. Electoral votes still count and absentee ballots still count.

    Your friend is essentially wrong with their analysis. That’s ok, but straw men are weak attempts to argue a point.

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