Posted by: didyouseethis | August 18, 2008

American Energy Freedom Day

OCTOBER 1, 2008

Senator DeMint and Congressman Jeb Hensarling have a petition “demanding that American Energy Freedom Day be protected”.  What would American Energy Freedom Day be you ask?

From Senator DeMint’s website:

“The Senate Republicans who are trying to force Congress to lift restrictions on offshore drilling say they have 38 senators backing their efforts to force a showdown over the critical campaign issue of energy prices — one that could shut down the government.

Democratic leaders in Congress want to extend the moratorium on new offshore oil and gas drilling, which is due to expire Oct. 1, and the most likely route would be to attach the proposal to a catchall spending bill needed to keep the federal government running.

But at least 38 Republicans have signed a letter pledging to “actively oppose” that extension.

Sen. Jim DeMint, South Carolina Republican, began circulating the letter to his colleagues after the Senate adjourned for its summer recess Aug. 2 and said he expects more of them to endorse his proposal before Congress returns in early September.”

I see this as a no brainer…I’m all for finding alternative energy sources…but gee last time I looked all the cars I see on the road…use gasoline and the houses around me use natural gas to keep us warm in the winter.  Until these alternative sources are really practical…and affordable…we still need oil (and we won’t even go into the list of things using petroleum in their manufacture…just take a look around you…can you say plastic??

Just sayin’…

Love, Mom



  1. If Paris Hilton has the answer why can’t these nimrod Democrats figure it out?? Just askin’…

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