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This morning I received a flyer for the Western Reserve Harley Dealership “Never Forget 9-11 Rally”. Words…how often 7 years ago did you hear…”never forget”. That’s what was said about Pearl Harbor too. I wonder if you asked random people under a certain age…could they tell you? When was the last time you saw images from 9-11 on television? Personally, I think they should be shown everyday.

Those of a certain age will remember….back in the day…when television wasn’t 24/7. There actually came a time, midnight usually, when stations actually went off the air. Before they did, the National Anthem was played, with a visual of the American Flag or like this. The Daughter often begins one of her rants with “if I ran things”…well…if *I* ran things…we’d begin and end the day with the pictures of the towers falling. Or…maybe that would just make us immune…how about once a week? It’s all too easy to avoid thinking about the horrors of that day. We say it was terrible, a tragedy, but we don’t really let ourselves go there. We listen to politicians say we need to reach out…talk to the people that hate this country so much. I just don’t understand that…the simple fact is there are just some people you can’t talk to. The “reasons” for the attack have been debated and written about by people who know a lot more than I do so I’ll skip the rant here. I’ll just say that any religion/ideology that leads to the images in the video below…is the enemy. Never Forget…..



11:30 A.M. Public Ceremony


EASTLAKE, OHIO (R. 91& Lakeshore Blvd.)


Motorcycles will depart from various Harley Davidson dealerships in a processional ride to the Boulevard of Flags. JIM MANTEL of WGAR will MC the ceremony. MONICA ROBINS of WKYC will sing the National Anthem. The ceremony will honor the 3000 Americans, Firefighters and Police that lost their lives on September 11, 2001 and over 4100 American soldiers that have lost their lives in Operation Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom. The Ceremony will begin at 11:30 AM and conclude at 12:30 PM. The Boulevard of Flags has 500 flags honoring our Fallen Hero’s from Wars past and present. The City Eastlake is one of the only cities in the USA to have a 9/11 Memorial consisting of actual steel girders from the World Trade Center, granite from the Pentagon and grass from Flight 93 crash site in Shanksville.

Motorcycles will begin to stage at the following locations at 9:00 A.M.

Lake Erie Harley Davidson, Avon, Ohio – (10:00 AM Departure)

Harley Davidson Sales Company, W.145 &Lorain; Cleveland, Ohio

South East Harley Davidson; Bedford Hts., Ohio

Western Reserve Harley Davidson; Mentor, Ohio

Motorcycles will depart for Eastlake, Ohio at 10:30 AM

Processional Ride from Eastlake Ohio to Western Reserve Harley Davidson immediately after the ceremony for food and entertainment, in honor of the families who lost loved ones on September 11, 2001. Sponsored by Western Reserve Harley Davidson from 12:30 to 3:00 PM.

Rally Organizer John “KIKS” Kikol  440-327-6966  or



  1. Who published this. I work for Western Reserve Harley-Davidson, but did not see this until today.

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