Posted by: didyouseethis | August 4, 2008

Random Bits

So many to do lists…so little time.  But there’s always time for a cup of coffee and a little surfing.  Here’s a couple of things I found fascinating.

Saturday evening DH and I watched the Space X launch of their Falcon 1.  While the launch itself was a success something went wrong and it did not achieve orbit.  We’ll be watching for their next launch.

This I found at LGFThe Large Hadron Collider is ready for tests.  The photographs are just…mind blowing.  This is so far over my head, all I can tell you is to go look.  The comments are quite entertaining.  My favorite, “Oh my God, it’s full of stars!”  (That was when I first looked and there were 400 comments.  Just looked again, there’s over 900 comments now!)  Another article and more photos here.

(image courtesy/copyright CERN)

It reminds me of Babylon 5, The Great Machine!

And…before the clock strikes midnight….


Semper Paratus

Love, Mom


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