Posted by: didyouseethis | July 6, 2008

Gratitude…In Memorium

Andrea Collins Smith, Punk Rock Mommy, passed away yesterday morning. She was a brave and courageous lady, who loved and cared for her husband and children and fought her Inflammatory Breast Cancer,to the very end. Words have power and meaning. Andrea was a powerful woman.  I am grateful for finding her blog.

From her last post:

I learned a lot over the year that I battled this dreaded disease. I learned that it is not in our best interest to hold out expectations to God. He is not Santa Clause. He does what is right and good. This was my path. My journey in this world was difficult and painful but important in my spiritual growth. I learned that we have to be happy despite our circumstances. We can’t say I will be happy when…. No sweeties be happy now because today is all you have.

I learned that all the small stuff is very small and not worth your time and attention. Gossip and resentments,worrying about things that never happen, fearing the unknown. Let it go my lovelies, breath and just be good to each other. I realized not long after my diagnosis that life is too short to spend it hurting people and holding onto the anger we have for those around us. I am no doormat, but I just let go of all that hard core resentment. God forgives us through the blood of His Son. He forgives those who hurt us as well.”

As you can see, Andrea was also a teacher. I am thankful to have had the opportunity to read her words. I pray for her husband, her children and her friends who are in pain tonight. I hope they find some comfort knowing she is no longer in pain.

Peace to the Smith Family.


  1. Prayers of love for her family and those who love her. Words DO have power…..

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