Posted by: didyouseethis | June 14, 2008

“The Queen of Everything”

DebbieK claims to be the oldest NeoCon on the Web. That may be…but one thing’s for sure, *I’m* not getting any younger. So today, while waging jihad on the weeds in what was the main veggie garden…soon to be grassed in because the veggie garden is being moved closer to the house…. an idea came to me. All the time I was yanking those noxious intruders out of the ground I was thinking about my apple tree that was just yards away. It’s not going to be there much longer. I thought about being a little kid and climbing as high as I could to hide from my brother and sister. Thought about….all the thinking I did…up in that tree…hidden amongst the branches and leaves and growing apples feeling like the “Queen of Everything” (Mary Engelbreit again.) And I realized that since that poor old tree’s days are numbered…and my best tree climbing days are behind me…I’d better do what I’d been thinking about all day long…..

I climbed my tree!

And then I went back to the weeds! There’s a lesson in there somewhere…I was just happy the sun was shining, I was winning the war on the weeds and I could still climb my tree. Life is good.

Love, Mom


  1. What a great post!!!

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