Posted by: didyouseethis | May 11, 2008

Mother’s Day/Legacy

I went to a funeral yesterday. The husband of my cousin, Carol. George K, U.S. Navy veteran. George was 91 when he passed away. A feisty guy, he could talk to anyone about anything…and…he made some darn good wine! Being as how he’d lived a long productive life, there were not so many tears. Not in church anyway…not until the cemetery when the Navy PO1 played Taps. She was perfect. The sound of the bugle echoing across the cemetery had quite a few of us reaching for tissues.

You may wonder what this has to do with Mother’s Day. It was the gathering after the cemetery. You know…weddings and funerals. No matter how often we say we’ll all get together, it just seems like it ends up being weddings and funerals. Beginnings and Endings. It happens that years ago my mother worked for this funeral home. She took care of the food for the gatherings after the services. They still remember her. My uncle Frank…drove the hearse…they definitely remember him!

So, while I was sitting there listening to people chat…watching the lady who now prepared the food…a song came quietly into my mind. George was much older than my cousin, he was of my parent’s generation. That generation in my family…is very nearly gone now. And the song got louder. Another cousin’s grandchildren were there. I made the anouncement that The Daughter is engaged and there were smiles around the table. And the song came clearer.

Today is Mother’s Day and The Daughter’s birthday. I’m thinking of my Mom, sweetest woman in the world. I’m thinking of The Daughter, best daughter in the world. I’m thinking of being a daughter and being a mother. And the song is very clear. My Mother taught by example. How to give with your heart and your hands. How to comfort. I hope I’ve learned some of her lessons. I know The Daughter has her generous spirit. A funeral, Mother’s Day, a birthday…time and generations move on.

But most of all
It is me that has changed
And yet I’m still the same
That’s me at the weddings
That’s me at the graves
Dressed like the people
Who once looked so grown-up and brave





  1. Happy Mother’s Day to my mom!!! She is the best mom ever!!! Even though today is Mother’s Day she still slaved over dinner for my birthday (I’ll do the dishes). I know she says her mom was the greatest mom, but clearly she learned everything she knows from my grandma!! Mom, you are the best, I love you, Happy Mother’s Day!!!

    The Daughter!!!

  2. “My Mother taught by example. How to give with your heart and your hands. How to comfort….The Daughter has her generous spirit…”

    {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{M*A}}}}}}}}}}}} Thank you for sharing your mum with me….;)

    I, too, often look backwards as a daughter, and forwards as a mother…and am grateful for the gifts of recognition and understanding, and the lessons each role has brought to me….

    We all learn so much from our mothers, and we all choose what we will pass on to our precious daughters.. You done good, M*A!


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