Posted by: didyouseethis | April 22, 2008

Cleveland Rally For The Troops 2008 Video

We finally got some of the video uploaded…first time we’ve done this…(note to selves…next time bring tripod). But the visual doesn’t matter. Listen…please, and be inspired.

John Prazynski, father of Lance Cpl. Taylor Prazynski

Addition: 22 June 2008 I found the following while searching for something else. I think it is appropriate to add it here.

Tim DeWolf, Eric Ridgley, Marine/Leatherneck Ghost Riders Foundation

Pam Montgomery, wife of Lance Cpl. Brian Montgomery KIA 1 August 2005

Thank you, God bless you…is all I can think to say.

Love, Mom (And DH)



  1. […] Edit:  Video here. […]

  2. WOW! Just watched Pam Montgomery.. Ditto what you say M*A…ditto

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