Posted by: didyouseethis | April 14, 2008

Letters From Home

This comes to me via Indian Chris at Right-Wing & Right Minded (Our Wednesday Hero, hero) who got it from Jim at Thinking Right.

Once again, I’m collecting letters of support for the men and women aboard the USS Russell – DDG-59. I’m aiming for about 250 letters, so it will be a smaller project than last time. I’ve received word back from the Marines who we sent the letters to late last year, and I can’t emphasize enough how important these letters are to them. It’s really not all that much to ask to sit down and write a short note of support to those putting it all on the line for us.

Please send the emails to

Be sure to put “Letters from Home” in the subject line.

I’m reading Michael Yon’s Moment Of Truth In Iraq. Writing on troop morale…

“Mail is more important than even hot showers or hot food. When I was in Fallujah, the mail center received about eight shipping containers every two days; three were filled with letters. People at home probably have no idea how much their little cards, letters, and goodie bags boost morale. Countless walls around Iraq are wallpapered with cards and letters. Soldiers and marines especially love the cards from kids. There is nothing better over here than reading two dozen cards from kids who can barely hold a crayon. If a kid sends a card, rest assured that card will be stuck on a wall somewhere, and it will bring a smile to many a soldier and marine.”

Don’t think anything else needs to be said…but if it does…this video says it (borrowed from Thinking Right 🙂 )

Love, Mom


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