Posted by: didyouseethis | March 31, 2008

Play Ball!!

Ok…it’s still March…Opening Day in March…definitely tempting the fates. Could have this…


Or…..we wish for this…(July weather in March…could happen…just ask the Goracle)


Either way…

GO TRIBE!wahoo.jpg

(I still love ya Debbie 😉 )

And to the “Commissioner”…the more things change…the more they stay the same 🙂

Love, Mom

PS. I’m trying really hard to remember to say Progressive Field.



  1. Wah! Needed 2 and RATS Congrats on the win. Mummmmmble.

    And me and DD went to the American Girl Doll store today (spent my retirement fund there). It is in downtown Chicago. The day was drizzly,windy, with bouts of tunder storms and rain. A perfect day for the CUBs home opener. (but it was 59) and on the Chicago Transit Authority train (the elevated or “L”) we saw funny looking people with C’s on them. Yep, they were dopey CUBs fans braving the weather for the opener. Yes, they did play and I think they lost.

    This is th 100th Anniversary of the CUBS last winning the Series. It was in 1908. We are still waiting for another win… I think that we will wait forever.

    Any whoooo.
    Go Pale Hose… BEAT the Tribe aka the those who were once called Native Americans and now what to be called by their tribal names only…. CleveTribe.

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