Posted by: didyouseethis | March 9, 2008

When Is Peace….Terrorism?

When your peace protest is blowing up military recruiting stations. Plain and simple.

I was all ready to post something all whiny and poor me about the snowstorm yesterday. While The Daughter and I were sitting quite cozy, watching more of Wonderfalls…there were patriots standing in the rain in New York city. Via the Gathering of Eagles newsletter I read Urban Infidel’s post about the pro-troop rally at the Military Recruiter Station at Times Square. I always read the comments. There were two that jumped out at me.

From someone called Boston Charlie:

“If there were so many of you, then why no longshots to prove it?

Oh right, you don’t want to show the ones in white sheets trying to burn a cross in the rain.

Fascist nutjobs. “

And then there was this reply from mnguyen:

Thanks Boston Charlie. You just reminded me of how racist people such as yourself protested the efforts to preserve freedom in my former country.Thanks to racists like you, who didn’t think that us “yellow” people didn’t deserve freedom from murdering communists, we get to see more innocent deaths.I commend the American soldiers all of you white, black, hispanic, etc. who fought with my family and tried to win my country’s freedom.Unfortunately, it was the racist traitors like Boston Charlie who gave hope to the enemy to continue killing our people as well as yours resulting in the loss of freedom for people of different color as well as the “re-education” camps in Vietnam.Boston Charlie, I see your racist ways are still alive now just as they were then.

I don’t think Boston Charlie will give much thought to what mnguyen had to say. It’s much easier to yell fascist…so I also don’t think he will be reading this book anytime soon.Thanks and Gratitude to the Gathering of Eagles, FReepers and Patriot Guard Riders that spent a Saturday afternoon in the rain while I was sitting home watching the snow fall.

Love, Mom



  1. Any comment I would make would not be fit for a family blog. I’m so disgusted with some of the people in this country who just shout nasty stuff for the sake of shouting, with no thought given to engaging their brain beforehand!!

  2. I know what you’re saying Miss B.

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