Posted by: didyouseethis | March 2, 2008

My Angel Mother

All that I am, all that I hope to be

I owe my angel mother;
My hand she guided as I learned to write,
My feet she guided in the ways of right,
My hopes she cherished, like a flame of light,
God bless her soul, God bless her memory,
My angel mother.

— President Abraham Lincoln


Marcella Frejlach Cipra

3 September 1916 – 2 March 1998

Our mother was loving and giving and kind and worked so very hard her entire life. Her greatest joy was doing for her family, making us happy.

She never thought she was smart, but she was. She told me once that if you want or need to do something… you just do it. It sounds easy, we all know it isn’t, yet she made it look easy.

She was always in the present, no agonizing over past hurts or losses or dreams not met. She looked to the future, but always made the absolute best and most of the present.

She showed us beauty and elegance in simple things, a meal, a quilt, a flower.

She defended, comforted and protected us when we were hurt or sad, or like all children, foolish.

She gave us the best part of herself and it will always be with us.

And now, she doesn’t hurt anymore. She’s free. And while we grieve because we will miss her, we celebrate this day because now she is eternal.

I wrote that 10 years ago. It seems so impossible…10 years. I was a Mama’s girl…still am…I miss you Ma.


Love, Miss Muffet 🙂

Oh, I almost forgot…

Can’t embed Brad’s video…for that go here...just have a box of tissues ready.

Love, Mom




  1. What a wonderful tribute to your Mom… two special ladies.

  2. “She gave us the best part of herself and it will always be with us….”

    {{{{{{{{{{{M*A}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}} the best of her IS you….and your ma is not only there, she IS here, within you, around you, YOU! I promise.

    Love you, girl.

  3. SC…thank you…and thank you.

  4. Brat…love you too. And I know she is here…always…telling me…”be nice”! (Although, I have no doubt at all…those words would NOT apply to Code Pink 😛 )

  5. How beautiful that tribute is, Girl! I guess we never get too old to miss our mamas. Nobody will ever love us like our mamas did.

  6. Miss B, nope, no one ever will.

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