Posted by: didyouseethis | February 20, 2008

Thankful For Freedom

I found this over at YankeeMom’s blog.

Three university students (University of Arizona and Oregon State University) counting their blessings…unlike a certain graduate of Princeton and Harvard…decided they wanted to give something back. Refreshing.

“Reflecting on where they currently are, how they got there, and the countless opportunities ahead of them, they both realized that on a daily basis they often took for granted a certain factor that has afforded them their current livelihood – their freedom. Freedom and what the United States of America was founded on is in no way a new concept. It is however, an often a forgotten one – one that is taken for granted and rarely and truly paid homage to. Freedom after all, is what our country stands for…what it was founded on. Since the conception of the United States of America, citizens have always prided themselves on their freedom and ability to freely express themselves. However, this freedom didn’t magically manifest itself. It has always been fought for by the brave men who protect it. The underlying reason why we have been and remain to be free should be of no surprise then…our troops.”

What they came up with was Their goal…”To raise $5 million for our troops by physically touching one million U.S. Citizens with our campaign awareness t-shirts. We look to achieve this goal in one year by December 31st 2008. Those who have been touched will be known as “The Thankful for Freedom Army.”

Thankful for Freedom…yep…Thankful for our Troops…yep…Thankful to Nick, Ryan and Brock…yep…Buying a t-shirt…yep.

Support the Thankful for Freedom Campaign!

Love, Mom


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