Posted by: didyouseethis | December 30, 2007

Just For Fun

Christmas was good, friends and relatives and Christmas cheer. I’m on vacation all week with absolutely nothing I have to do. I’ve gotten a few things crossed off my to do list. But mostly I’ve been doing whatever I felt like at the moment.

This afternoon, The Boy and I went to the movies. We saw “National Treasure, Book of Secrets“. History, action, mystery, treasure…definitely fun. Tonight I’ve been surfing the web and watching Dinotopia on the SciFi Channel. Talking dinosaurs, great set design (well adapted from the book) and beautiful costumes…fun.

I love maps. Here’s a site that’s all about maps…Strange Maps. One of my favorites on the site is, “Where On Earth Was Middle-earth“.

Take a look at PositiveJeffBrown. Absolutely amazing art, from things you would never expect to be used in an art project. Here is one of his self portraits.

Then there is I Can Has Cheezburger. Definitely one of the stranger sites…but I just can’t help laughing. The kitty attitude there is just so much like the beasties in our house.


Hope you all (y’all) had a great Christmas…tomorrow…TSO!!! Our seats are on the main floor…we’re going to get snowed on!!


Love, Mom


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