Posted by: didyouseethis | October 21, 2007

Ups and Downs and Gratitude

Today was a beautiful day. In spite of it being autumn. All of you who say fall is your favorite season…because of the color of the leaves….thibbbttt! Those leaves are dying and getting ready to fall. Give me Spring/Summer any day…birds singing, flowers blooming, weeds needing to be pulled. (So, I’m a glutton for punishment.)

But, as I said, today was beautiful. I went out to harvest the herb garden. Lo and behold the summer savory is in bloom…again? (Not sure what this portends for the winter though.) AND…it’s full of HONEY BEES!!! For you non-gardeners, let me tell you, this is a wonderful apparition. You see, the honey bees have had a really bad time the last few years.


My white lavender is still producing as is the Hidcote.

The iPod was plugged into the garage speakers and playing was Citizen Reign and Mark Dakota…what I have come to think of as this summer’s music.

And so I moved on and collected what will flavor meals on those dark winter days and evenings. Music playing, bees humming…I was feeling gratitude for the goodness of it all and yet thinking that it was bittersweet in a way. Winter creeping in, the garage speakers soon to be quiet, the bees in peril. So often days are up and down…bitter and sweet…even the small happenings. And I found my self making a mental list of the recent bitter and sweet…both large and small.

The end of this year’s garden and the coming of winter.

Christmas is only 64 Days away.

The Medal of Honor will be posthumously awarded to Lt. Michael Murphy at the White House tomorrow.

Move America Forward took on Code Pink in their own Berkeley backyard and outnumbered them. Needless to say, they outclassed them.

Raspberries are still coming on.

Butterfly on the basil.


BattleKittie did a sweet post on smiling and has lyrics to a song.

SCEagle did one on M & T’s new Tonka toys.

The praying mantis on the front porch.


Clancypalooza continues.

The Indians are American League Central Champions šŸ™‚ …wait till next year. šŸ˜¦

And….a most beautiful sunset. Life is good…the bitter and the sweet.



Love, Mom



  1. You know, its funny…I got into a total funk the other day and was thinking along the same lines.

    The bitter and the sweet…Must be great minds huh??

    I love this post, it really makes you think.

    Ohhh, and I have a new grandson!! 7pound 4 ounces, born two weeks early. Names Bradley.

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