Posted by: didyouseethis | August 21, 2007

Be An Angel Day

I hate made up holidays.

National Relaxation Day…National Toasted Marshmallow Day…National Telemarketing Awareness Day (give me a break…don’t call me). You see what I’m saying here. I got an ecard from a friend wishing me a happy Angel Day. And then an email correcting herself and telling me that Be An Angel Day is actually 22 August . I’m quite fond of angels and so I did a little Googling…lo and behold… 22 August is Be An Angel Day and it’s premise is one I can go along with very happily.

The idea is to be a blessing in someone’s life. “To be like the angels and perform divinely inspired acts of service for others.” Pay it forward. Random acts of kindness.

Those of you who know me…probably know where this is going next. I think we should perform those acts of kindness every day. The small things do count. And if you aren’t sure the opportunity will present itself…I have the perfect place for you to go….to be an angel.

Remember the prayer posted yesterday? “A man died for me today…Am I worth dying for?” There is your “inspired act of service for others”. What can you do for someone who is willing to do that? You can sign up with Soldiers’ Angels. Write some letters, send some care packages…not all that much time out of your life to make a difference for someone who is willing to die for you.

Happy Angel Day to all the Angels out there. And to all the Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines and Coasties…may the Angels watch over you.

Love, Mom




  1. Happy Angel Day back to you from another soldiers’ angel 🙂

  2. Sorry I know I am a bit late but better late then never 😉
    ~angel hugs~

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