Posted by: didyouseethis | August 14, 2007

The Giving Tree or a Tale of a Conservative Tree Hugger

Strangely, this started out to be just a story about my apple tree. Early one morning a week or so ago, I saw this out my window…


That’s a woodpecker pounding his little brains out on my tree…which is on the right. My tree that is dying.

I live in the house I grew up in. This tree has (in my mind) always been there.

A little more than a week ago, I read this at Michelle Malkin (I think I may have mentioned the moonbats before) and my thoughts took a new turn. Stay with me…I have a point here though I’m not quite sure how I’m getting there.

When my kids were little one of the books we read often was Shel Silverstein’s The Giving Tree. The Boy, especially, loved the story. I, on the other hand, would find myself quite irritated by the time we got to the end of the book. The boy in the story, never appreciated his tree. He takes and takes until the tree is no more. As I recall the last illustration in the book is the boy, now an old man, sitting on the stump. Now…he misses his tree. I don’t know Silverstein’s intention…all I know is every time I got to the end of the book all I could think was what a self-centered jerk the boy was. (I’m hoping that was what Shel intended.)

When I heard the woodpecker in my tree I grabbed the camera and took the picture through the screen. Then I went outside to get a better look but he flew away. I walked under the branches that are still green and leafy (with a very few puny apples) and thought about how my tree has changed.


Two years ago.

Unlike the dopey kid in The Giving Tree…I have always appreciated my tree. From the time I was a little kid, the tree has been a presence. My tree, besides giving me apples that Mom made into pies and strudel, gave me a place to hide from my brother and sister, shade in the summer, a miracle of blossoms every May.

The Giving Tree…My Tree….and it occurred to me that America and our military are like the tree. It seems this wonder that is America has always been and could never be any different, any less. The shrieking left (Kos, Cindy Sheehan, CodePink, ….) are the boy. America gives and gives and they take…take for granted. Never a thank you.

If, God forbid, they actually get what they say they want…I fear they will be the boy, sitting on the stump of their giving tree.








  1. Loved the post .

    When we lived in GA, the neighbors with wooden siding put fake owls on their porches and decks to discourage woodpeckers. And what about Carpenter Bees? They were the bane of all porch and deck owners.

    We were birders in GA (living in the woods with a creek in the back helped). Never really having to leave the ktichen table. We just looked out the sliding glass doors to the deck. We saw at least 3 dif. types of woodpeckers. Even – gasp! – a pilated one and those guys are huge I tell you! The size of a duck.

    We had bird and a squirel feeders on the deck but managed to feed all the critters that could climb up the trees and hop to feeders. (can you say racoons and kits? Yeah, we had em).

    I can tell you stories of the battle Humming birds of you like. Nah, this comment is getting too, too long.

  2. […] to me.  All the time I was yanking those noxious intruders out of the ground I was thinking about my apple tree that was just yards away.  It’s not going to be there much longer.  I thought about being a […]

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