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Mini group fast today…Brat, Aussie_Chic, Yankeemom, Eric and me.

Four Tanker Sisters

One Tanker Brother

Four countries (Brat counts as two đŸ˜‰ )

Three time zones

Three States

One mission

I’d been feeling a bit sad…something really good is ending…but then it occurred to me that the daily RVF fasts may be at an end…but…the spirit that has moved us this past year…rolls on.

I remember reading on 7 July 2006…

“Because one Tanker Brother is worth (at least) TEN Sean Penns!”

Master Gunner went on to outline his idea for the Rolling Victory Fast and we were off. We’ve all had our reasons for participating, some of them, I suspect, remain personal. I’ve spent some time over the past few days reading through the TB archives. I came across two posts that were part of my reasons for participating. The first was MG’s Why We Fight. I feel a certain shame for my generation when I think how those Vets were treated. And…how so many of my generation now seem to be stuck in a 60’s time warp. MG ended that post with this, “I fight for an America whose citizens hold their heads high, stick their chests out, and proclaim to the World: “I’m an American!”.

The second post was this one. Trying to Grok was the first milblog I ever read. Sarah has a quote in her side bar:

“While our troops go out to defend our country, it is incumbent upon us to make the country worth defending.”

I think about that every day. And I think about the coalition, our allies and friends. Those who hold their heads high and refuse to submit and proclaim to the world, I am…a Canadian, an Aussie, a Brit, Afghan, Albanian, Azerbaijani, Bulgarian, Colombian, Czech, Danish El Salvadorian, Eritrean, Estonian, Georgian, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, South Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Macedonian, Dutch, Nicaraguan, Filipino, Polish, Slovakian, Spanish, Turkish, or Uzbek.

I want to thank MG for allowing me to participate in something bigger than myself…to find out I had a discipline I didn’t know I had…and to meet all the wonderful people that have become my Tanker Brothers and Sisters.

(Cindy who?)




  1. It was August 11, 2006, almost one year ago, that we met and introduced Master Gunner to our friends and listeners (one and the same, actually) on “Constitutional Public Radio” (which has since morphed into “A conversation with Andrea and…” on BlogTalkRadio, and “The Andrea Shea King Show ” on WDBO-Orlando).

    Master Gunner was one of the first guests we featured on Blogger Fridays, which eventually evolved into Troop Support Mondays.

    He told us about the Rolling Victory Fast and how our participation was a solid show of support for the troops. Sorry to see RVF end, but as you’ve so aptly put it M*A, the spirit rolls on… Hoo-ah!

    Radio Patriot

  2. Holding Fast Just Fine.

    Now, if my 8 yo would stop offering me food.. “Mom try this, do you want some strawberries.? ” Cooking dinner was a little tough.. But I’ll make it- 2nd jug of coffee started and 2 green teas ago, and I’m swimming. Holding Fast for the last day.

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