Posted by: didyouseethis | July 1, 2007

List – Words

Everyone here will tell you that I am a list-maker. Whether they want to admit it or not, it’s rubbing off on the rest of the family. We’ve done the Thanksgiving List since The Daughter and The Boy were little. There is a curling list that’s on the side of the fridge with a list of all the bands we’ve seen over the years (might just type that one up one of these days). One night over dinner, we somehow found ourselves talking about words…favorite words. And…a list came to be. There was no criteria…just words we like… the sound of, the appearance of, the definition of. (Never said we were “normal”.) 😀 Here’s the FAVORITE WORDS LIST so far…

evanescent * myriad * stellar * procure * garish * octogenarian * eponymous * epoxy * gunships * spunky * atmosphere * cellar door * autoclave * hippopotamus * high dudgeon * surly * asshat * snuffelupagus * draught * cathedral * queue * puny * murder * minions * swarthy * ethereal * treasure * journey * horizon * moonlight

One night the following instructions were found on the list: use your favorite word in a sentence. Beneath it was this sentence…The designer of this refrigerator is an asshat. Hmmm…

Feel free to add a word to the list.

Love, Mom



  1. Perspicacity. My sentence… I’ve shown great perspicacity in claiming you as a friend. 🙂 Thanks for the postcard!

    I love words, too, but can never remember them when I need them. Hopefully, that’s just my age…

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