Posted by: didyouseethis | June 17, 2007


Still haven’t gotten around to the rest of the vacation photos…procrastination is my middle name. And…I’ve been distracted by “Patriot Games”. A friend sent me a few books…actually, a lot of books. He thought I’d enjoy Tom Clancy…and I do, though enjoy is probably not the right word considering the themes TC works with. (Engrossed, riveted, fascinated, gripped by might be better descriptions.) We’re calling it “Clancypalooza”. 🙂


The following quotation might find its way on to the fridge…more likely we’d sit down and have a cup of coffee or glass of tea and I’d read it out-loud to you. Mind you “Patriot Games” was published in 1987. And…I don’t think you need a synopsis of the story to see why I was taken by this passage.

“So, on the international level, terrorism was a form of war that didn’t even have to interrupt normal diplomatic relations. America itself had embassies in some of the nations, even today. Nearer to home, however, it was being treated as a crime. He’d faced Miller in the Old Bailey, Ryan remembered, not a military court-martial. They can even use that against us. It was a surprising realization. They can fight their kind of war, but we can’t recognize it as such without giving up something our society needs. If we treat terrorists as politically motivated activists, we give them an honor they don’t deserve. If we treat them as soldiers, and kill them as such, we both give them legitimacy and violate our own laws.

Think about it…1987.

Love, Mom



  1. Damn. M*A, I am in awe of your ability to pick that up… all of our discussions aside, I’d missed that kernel.

    Very astute… and why that reading list is so… prescient.

  2. I envy you if he’s new to you. When my son was in the Navy (in Boomers), Clancy’s “Hunt For Red October” was published by the Annapolis Press & I bought it (one of my treasures). Couldn’t put it down, then the whole family was the same. We all loved his books for years, but I haven’t been as pleased with the later ones.

  3. Mary Ann — I’ve been surfing your posts here and there and back again, and so enjoy your observations of things. Always a pleasure to come visit and see what’s posted on the fridge.

    Your patriotgal pal,


  4. […] DH (we won’t go into the whole baseball thing). He’s turned me on to the Ryanverse. Clancypalooza […]

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